2 Pack Kids Pillow Spray

2 Pack Kids Pillow Spray

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Are you ready to turn bedtime into a magical journey for your little ones? Discover our enchanting pillow spray, infused with the soothing scents of orange and lavender, designed to whisk your children into a peaceful slumber. Say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to sweet dreams with our Kids Pillow Spray - 2 Pack!

Made for young ones, our all-natural, pure formulation combines the calming properties of lavender and chamomile to reduce anxiety, while a hint of orange essential oil adds a pleasant citrus note. Simply spritz onto pillows and sheets or lightly mist over the bed to create a serene environment conducive to sleep. Rest easy, parents, knowing that our 2-Pack Kids' Pillow Spray contains no artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. Made exclusively with pure essential oils, it serves as a holistic sleep aid for toddlers and children.

We stand behind our products and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. While we're confident in the effectiveness of our Kids Pillow Spray, we understand that results may vary, which is why we offer a risk-free purchase with a hassle-free return policy. So, let your little ones drift off to dreamland naturally with Nuvo Wellness!


  • Thoughtfully crafted to enhance your child's bedtime routine. 
  • Create a serene and calming atmosphere.
  • The harmonious blend of orange and lavender fragrances is cherished by kids. 
  • Transform ordinary nights into tranquil slumbers with this delightful duo. 
  • Make bedtime a cherished ritual with the soothing power of nature.



    • Help ease your kids and toddlers to sleep with our great smelling kids sleep spray. Spray a little on the pillows and sheets or simply mist over the bed.
    • Kids love the smell of orange and lavender. Parents love the peace of mind that our pillow spray is all natural and pure. Close your eyes and enjoy the fragrance.
    • The lavender and chamomile will help promote calmness and reduce anxiety, The orange essential oil adds a nice citrus scent. Our formulation is crafted especially for kids so it is not as strong as adult versions.
    • Our kids sleep spray is made with pure essential oils. No perfumes and definitely nothing artificial. The perfect homeopathic sleep aid for toddlers and children.
    • Nuvo Wellness Guarantee - Nuvo Wellness is dedicated to creating new and time tested products to provide optimal health for our customers. We are proud and confident of our products and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. However, we do realize that not everyone will see amazing results and that is why we offer a risk free purchase. Simply return for a full refund.

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