• 2 in 3 people are magnesium deficient
  • Transdermal application of magnesium is much more efficient than taking a pill
  • Pills release magnesium into the stomach and upper GI tract where it reacts with other substances.



I absolutely love this spray. I use it on my feet at night and I fall asleep so fast. I've been telling everyone about it. Highly recommend. I'll be ordering more.

Foymount, Ontario

We bought the 2 pack and so far 3 in our family have used this and all agree that we get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Not sure about the pain relief part yet but using less pain cream so would recommend it. Thanks!

Los Angeles, CA

This is not my first time using transdermal magnesium oil spray. I used it in the past because I found it really helpful if I had any cramping in my legs due to lack of magnesium. It's a great supplement to take during keto where you have to make sure that your electrolytes are in check and just as a supplement any time, really.

Markham, Ontario

Works fast!

Los Angeles, CA

I work in the restaurant industry - a lot of long days/nights on my feet. I also find myself sleeping really late because I like to stay up for extra free time just dilly dallying on my phone. I bought this spray because of TikTok and it’s seriously the best! It works within 10-15 minutes and I fall asleep instantly. It also helps soothe the muscles on my feet!

Toronto, Ontario

I had tried everything. This works. I have bought for my daughter and a friend as well.

Vancouver, BC